Land Laws

After independence, India carried out major reforms in Land Laws to do away with tens of classes of tenure holders of British Raj vintage, to promote agriculture and to increase utilization of land for agricultural purposes so that a green revolution may be supported. For this purpose various legal processes like consolidation and land ceiling were evolved to prevent fragmentation of land and to stop the re-emergence of large land holders. Special Revenue Courts were established to provide expertise for speedy adjudication of disputes. 

Today, each State in India has its own set of land laws to address the local issues peculiar to its territory. These laws which were enacted to promote agriculture often come in clash with infrastructure development and industrial projects which are rapidly shifting towards rural areas. 

To address these issues windows have been opened in these tight laws in form of various clearance processes through which these projects need to pass. Soti Law Associates has a team of expert land lawyers who provide support for legal processes like:
  • Land Acquisition
  • Land Use Issues
  • Revenue Law Compliance
  • Land Ceiling
  • Consolidation Proceedings
  • Leases
  • Title Issues
  • Partition
  • Sale Deed Cancellation