Environmental Law

The legal framework relating to environmental issues has been constantly widening its net in India over the last two decades. Present legal regime in India follows the precautionary principle and strict Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) procedures in line with the international trends. Under Union Ministry of Environment and Forests directive, prior clearance is mandatory for scheduled industrial projects and activities. Those projects which have got clearance are required to submit periodic compliance reports. Similarly, Coastal Zone Management regime has been tightened and various activities are required to obtain prior clearance. Further, statutory provisions have been enacted to deal with water, air and noise pollution as well as for handling of hazardous and bio-medical wastes. At Soti Law Associates, we have garnered expertise keeping pace with the fast evolving environmental laws and address legal issues relating to:
  • Environmental Law Compliance
  • Actions for Damages
  • Penal Proceedings under Environmental Laws
  • Actions against Environmental Damage: Civil & Penal
  • Coastal Zone Management Regime: Compliance